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Association of Kailash Tour Operators, Nepal(AKTON) is a common organization of Kailash Tour Operators. This non-profit organization acknowledged non political and dedicated organization established for the benefit of the members of the organization. It has been established for the operation of the collective efforts to solve the problems observed in a variety of Kailash tours operations in 2005.

After that, the organization continually focusing to assist difficulties for the various agencies and has been working to coordinate them in regards to Kailash tours. It coordinated with Foreign Exchange Center (FEC) and Foreign Affairs of China as the facilitation role in the operation regarding Kailash travel. This organization is the only organization whose members receive recognition from FEC as Kailash official visit to the immigration operations.


Become a member of AKTON and get benefited. Become a member of AKTON and get benefited. Become a member of AKTON.

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